You never know what you will experience when heading out on a safari drive. Recently Kristin had a very interesting sighting in the Sabi Sands we wanted to share...

We found a male leopard relaxing at the top of the dam. We decided to drive down into the actual mostly dry dam to get a good view of him if he decided to come and drink. Meanwhile, waterbuck appeared to come and drink. We realized something was unfolding here.

The leopard watched the waterbuck carefully as a young elephant came to drink. Just then a honey badger (a very rare sighting!) came to dig a hole to drink from.

The bet was yet to come, though, as a huge male hippo male emerged from the bushes to claim the small waterhole we were parked just next to.

You never know what you will experience on a safari. Each drive offers an endless possibility of wildlife and wonder. These sightings with multiple species interactions are very interesting and special to witness!

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