Everyone looks forward to a Sundowner during the late afternoon game drive on safari. Sundowner time consists of a gorgeous scene to frame the spectacular, smoldering African sunset, good friends/traveling companions, a story or two, and, of course, a refreshing beverage to wash away the heat and dust of the day. The gin and tonic was in many ways the origin of the time-honored African tradition of “the Sundowner", but your beverage of choice will be offered!

We recently experienced a particularly memorable Sundowner in the Sabi Sands. We were witnessing a scene that could have been on a postcard...three elephants drinking from the dam at sunset with an active hippo in the foreground.

The elephants were curious and decided to venture a bit closer.

Of course Kristin has an excellent camera so we were still at a safe distance, but these intimate experiences with these extraordinary animals are one of the most memorable part of one of our safaris.

Join us for a Sundowner in one of the most beautiful parts of the world on one of our custom safaris.

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